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Open Auditions for Access To Experts and GVN TV

Please be sure to watch this video BEFORE submitting your audition video

The 3 Minute Video That Gets You Booked On Any TV Show

Through our associated WebTV Network we have access to over 500 Million viewers, so we’re
looking for Dynamic Guest Experts who are engaging on camera and deliver great content.

In the above video I tell you exactly what we’re looking for in your audition video
to get on “Access To Experts” or any other TV show.

AE-buttonWhat’s happening on WebTV and why you should jump in nowat 3:15
Find out why you should Jump In NOW!

AE-buttonAudition Video Evaluators: What we look for in your video – at 9:26
This is like having the answers to the exam before you start

AE-button5 Key Skills of Dynamic Guest Experts – at 14:10
What makes a great TV Guest Expert? Find out what
TV Producers are looking for and the ONE THING that will
get you on top of the short list of “Go-To” guest experts

AE-buttonCrafting Your 3 Minute Interview Script – at 22:49

  • Your HOOK: Grab Their Attention
  • The Body: Build Their Trust in YOU
  • Call To Action: Get Your Most Wanted Results

AE-buttonSet Up Your Home Studio For Under $300 – at 29:54
Includes: Lights…Camera…Headset…Backdrop!!!

AE-buttonGreen Screen as your backdrop at 33:29
See how I turned an 8’x8′ space into my studio that looks like this. You can too!


We have been training and grooming experts to appear on network television for over 10 years now and “Access To Experts” was created to give the “expert next door” the opportunity to share their knowledge with the world and make difference. If you feel you are ready, then join us today!



Open Auditions for Access To Experts and GVN TV


We’re looking for:

  • Show Hosts 
  • Guest Experts 
  • Citizen Reporters 
  • Video Tip Providers 

You can be seen across multiple channels as a TRUSTED and Go-To Expert!
Expand Your Global Visibility and Elevate Your Expert Status In the Global Marketplace!

No fee to audition

No fee to be interviewed

If you think you have what it takes to appear on our network, we want to know you! 

Here are the main topic categories we need to fill:

  • Business Growth & Marketing
  • Health & Wellness
  • Self-Growth & Empowerment
  • Personal Finance & Investments 
  • Relationships & Communication

If you have expertise in any of these categories, we want to see your audition video.

NO Audition Video? No Problem!

We’ll tell you EXACTLY what we’re looking for so you can put together
a great audition video to get on Access To Experts or any other TV show.

If you need a little more help getting ready, we’re there for you.
Our Emmy Award Winning team has put together everything you need
to prepare for your TV interview.

Once you appear on Access To Experts and our associated WebTV network,
get ready for massive exposure and doors of opportunity flying open for you!

We even have 3 different interview options and one of them is sure to work for you.


Step 1:

It all begins now with you filling out your audition application where you’ll
tell us about yourself
and your expertise and submit your audition video
to be considered as one of our:

  • Co-Host:
    You will be with us in our Los Angeles studio as we produce an episode that features your expertise.
  • Guest Expert:
    Your interview can be in person or a remote interview from your home studio.
  • Citizen Reporter:
    You’ll be our commentator at LIVE events and/or conduct in person interviews in your city.
  • Video Tip Provider:
    Your 30 second video tips can be featured on Access To Experts and in our Social Media & PR campaigns.

NOTE: It’s good idea for you to appear in your audition video in the role you’re applying for:
You being interviewed as a Guest Expert, conducting a short on location interview
or sharing your best Tip.

Step 2:

We’ll review your video according to our Audition Video Evaluators:

  1. Video Quality: Video, Audio, Backdrop
  2. Appearance: Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe
  3. Content: The Hook, The Body, Call to Action
  4. Vocal Quality: Natural Voice, Inflections, Pacing
  5. Body Language: Facial Expressions, Gestures

If you meet our criteria, we’ll contact you to get you set up.
If you need improvement in one or more areas, we will tell you what they are.
You can make the suggested improvements and submit another video.
NOTE: you have only TWO opportunities to apply, so select your videos
very carefully and only send us what you want us to see.

If you believe you are one of the experts we’re looking for,
If you’re ready to become the “Go-To” Expert in your Niche
and uplevel your life, career and business in a huge way, then
apply now to be considered for this extraordinary opportunity



If you think you need to brush up on you interview skills
go here to find information on some additional training we have available online


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 Posted on : February 10, 2015